Wood Science and Forest Products Research Division

Goals and tasks

The goals and policies of the wood science and forest products research division are in basis of the development of wood science and wood products with an emphasis on sustainable development.

Today, research in industry and agriculture is an important parameter for economic development in the world. Parallel to economic growth and development research has been increasingly considered in Iran. The use of human potential in order to increase the quality and quantity of manufactured products will not be possible without education, research and production. Institutions and research organizations play an important role in the field of research. The division of wood science and forest products research in research institute of forests and rangelands (RIFR) is one of the important areas committed to promoting research in the wood and paper industries.

The main research of the wood science and forest products department aimed in to access the alternative lignocellulosic materials, increasing of productivity in wood and paper industry, reduce waste, proper use of existing wood resources and wood modification.
With regard to these important tasks, the division has set the following objectives at the forefront of research planning.                   
- Identify the new materials of wood and non-wood lignocellulose having potential as stuff in the cellulosic industries.                                                          
- Research on cellulosic industry processes to optimize manufactured products.           
- Applied and developmental research in the cellulosic industry processes for application new processes in industries together the development of optimal and indigenous processes.
- Research in the field of waste reduction and increase productivity of waste and residues of forest products, agricultural products and low-diameter logs.                         
- Research on methods for increasing the durability and modifying of wood and forest products at the place of use together the correct use of railway traverses, communication poles, marine vessels and installations, and ...                                    
- Providing development research to the producers and consumers lignocellulose stuffs, manufacturing plants for wood and forest products industries and mutual collaboration with them.
- Providing educational research services to universities and educational institutions at various levels of education.

- Investigating the basic and applied properties of wood and non-wood material types for the development of applied processes
 -Basic research in cellulose industries to optimize production

- Research on national and international standards in order to improve the quality of manufactured products

In order to achieve the above goals, the division has tried to bring new information, efficient manpower at various specialized levels, modern equipment and having the appropriate research space so that it has become to one of the largest research and development complex of science and technology of wood and forest products at the national and regional level.

Wood and forest products research department of research institute of forests and rangelands (RIFR) have examined all aspects in order to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the wood and paper industries in the country and to eliminate existing deficiencies. Today, efforts to achieve sustainable productivity of forests and lignocellulosic resources in Iran have led the division to be as a major polar in researching for achieving self-sufficiency in cellulose products, production by alternative resources and producing higher value added wooden goods.