Wood Science and Forest Products Research Division

Wood science and forest products is involved multidiscipline knowledge in biology together industrial and technical categories because wood has extensive use from the construction of wooden buildings to the hundreds of industrial products derived from the processes of chemical, mechanical and physical conversion. In the meantime, new forest products are being developed so that wood-based products have a significant share in GDP and employment in the world, especially in the developed countries. It is worth noting that research has played the key role in the development of this science as in other sciences.

In Iran, where faces to shortage of forest resources, the proper and appropriate use of wood from domestic forest resources, imported wood and lignocellulosic waste resources is necessary and essential for the development of the country's wood and paper industry. Meanwhile this strategy has a significant impact on the reduction of pressure on natural resources and, consequently, on the achievement of sustainable development.                                                 

This division since the establishment in the institute (RIFR) in 1981, along with the research institutes of the developed countries, has been researching for development in the field of wood science and forest products by experienced researchers and appropriate laboratory equipment. Thus the department has been the pioneers of research in this regard in the country, so that while carrying out tens research projects, contributed to the training of specialist human resources in cooperation with the Iranian universities.  At the moment, this division, while doing its usual basic and applied research, is trying to solve the industrial sector difficulties in the form of specific projects and programs.