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Tehran Meeting and Urban Ecotourism in Iranian National Botanic Garden

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The 5th Specialized Tourism Forum was held with the theme of Tehran and Urban Ecotourism

Considering the importance of ecotourism in today’s world and the advancement of related technologies in the urban area on Wednesday, May 23, 2009, a meeting with the mayor of district 22 Mr. Nozarpour, Mr. Khalil Abadi, Chief of Tourism Staff and Mr. Dr. Jalili, head of the Forest Research Institute Ranches of the country and a group of tourism activists and media companions were held at the Amphitheater in the Institute of Forestry and Rangeland Research Institute of Iran.

At first, Mehdi Saif, the head of the Tehran Municipality Tourism Board after welcoming and welcoming the presence of tourism activists, expressed hope that the holding of this series of meetings will advance the goals of the tourism industry in Tehran. At this meeting, Mr. Khalil Abadi, highlighted the topic of tourism and its importance, which has become a special place today, emphasizing that the emphasis on the ecotourism issue should be given special attention to strengthening the tourism areas.

Dr. Jalili also welcomed the guests about the status and importance of the country for tourism and tourism, saying that nowadays entrance doors to this country should be open to all the world’s population. A simple strategy that can increase our economic income in this area, with no massive costs and government funding. For each of the five foreign tourists entering the country, a job is created, and noted the importance of the botanical garden for visitors, paying special attention to the national tourism decision-making in Tehran.

In the following, Mr. Nozarpur, the mayor of district 22, acknowledged that activities have been taken to attract the visitor and tourist for the city of Tehran, and this process should continue. The summit celebrates the great work of Hooman Ardabili, the founder of the “Tulip for Mothers” pedestrian. In the following, Mrs. Afsaneh Ehsani referred to the ecotourism and the concepts that she has in common with tourism and the principles of ecotourism and conservation of natural and cultural resources.

At the end of the visit, the National Botanical Garden of Iran was visited by the officials and all participants of the meeting, which was welcomed by these loved ones.

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