Forest Research Division

Goals and Duties

  1. Research on the application of silvicultural and forestry methods in different forest areas of the country, considering ecological conditions, natural disasters and existing forest communities in order to establish natural regeneration
  2. Investigation on ecological demands of forest tree species and shrubs
  3. Determining the growth of forest communities
  4. Study of the structure, dynamics and forest growth in intact forest stands
  5. Study of the various forest management methods
  6. Study of the methods of rehabilitation of degraded forests and natural and artificial regenerations in unsuccessful regeneration areas
  7. Study of the methods of forest inventory, as well as the development of volumetric tables (Tarif) at national scale for different species
  8. Investigation on different methods of afforestation in ecological regions of the country
  9. Introduction of compatible non-native species in different ecological regions
  10. Identification of forest genotypes and ecotypes
  11. Research in the field of forest ecology and biology
  12. Geological survey and identification of bed rocks and mechanical analysis of forest soils, especially in forest roads
  13. Classification of soils in forest areas of the country (development of soil maps) in order to use soil information in forestry planning
  14. Research on the biology of forest soils (Mycorrhiza and Rhizobium)
  15. Forest engineering research (methods of harvesting, road construction and transportation) in natural and artificial forests
  16. Study of the various forest management optimization methods and socio-economic studies to achieve sustainable development
  17. Review of the application of forest management systems in different ecological regions
  18. Study of the structure, dynamics and forest growth
  19. Forest biometric research
  20. Quantitative and qualitative monitoring of natural forests and development of forest data bank