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The first accompaniment of the National Botanical Garden of Iran to the Public Relations Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands of the country, today, on Tuesday, November 29, 1398, Mr. Arpanahi, head of the Public Relations Office along with the officials of the Public Relations Department and the director of the first sales office visited the garden. The visit was attended by Mr. Dr. Jalili, President of the Institute of Forest and Rangeland Research, Mr. Fayaz, the Assistant Financial Officer of the Institute, and several of the managers and experts of the Institute.

Together, in line with the objectives of its social responsibility, in order to protect and participate in the conservation of plant species of the country and respect for nature, it encourages customers to remove their paper bills to prevent the cutting of trees and plant species and always These funds are used exclusively to support environmental activities in areas such as the Iranian Botanical Garden. In the National Botanical Garden of Iran, a piece called “First Name” is intended to design the garden space and symbolic planting of the tree, and at least 100 species of exclusive and endangered plant species are kept at the site of the National Botanic Garden of Iran. .

Botanical Garden is used as a genetic reserve for endangered plants. In botanical gardens, there are facilities for studying and researching biodiversity and protecting them. Also, this is the local garden for scientific educational visits in the field of plants, landscape design and vegetation in our country and elsewhere in the world.

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