Desert Research Division

Desertification, drought, and poverty create a scenario of misery and insecurity across the dry lands of Asia and Africa. According to the UN’s Secretariat for the Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), 250 million people have already been harmed by desertification, and another 850 million are at risk.
In Iran the study show that, 34.8% of areas are hyper arid (natural desert) and 52/8% are arid and semi arid (These regions are very sensitive to desertification processes) and the rest are classified as humid (11.4%).
Desert research division was established in 1969. The main functions and objectives of this division are the research activities in the field of natural resources which mainly focused on desertification processes and its control in dry land areas of Iran Preparing a logic and suitable frame for recognizing the most critical zones of Iran in terms of human-induced land degradation can help policy maker and planner to overcome the problems resulting from inappropriate land and soil management. However application of the research findings can inhibit not only the loose of national resources but also can prevent the dangers of our fragile ecosystems.