Department of Rangeland Research

Goals and Duties

  • Determining optimal rangeland management methods and productivity in the form of rangeland management, organization, policy making and beneficiaries in two distinct nomadic and rural sectors
  • Study and research in order to cultivate and domesticate important rangeland species and economize them through agronomic and agro-technical research
  • Determining rangeland species adaptation methods in different vegetation climates
  • Investigating the genetic abilities of important rangeland and deserts species resistant to drought, cold and salinity, and providing solutions for conservation of genetic resources.
  • Identification, distribution and ecological studies of important rangeland plants.
  • Providing a comprehensive database of rangeland vegetation cover and soils in different parts of Iran
  • Determining the origin of vegetation changes and separating the contribution of climate change from managerial effects
  • Investigating the effect of climate change and global warming on habitat and species diversity in different vegetative species
  • Establishing national and international communication in the field of rangeland science studies to obtain scientific authority