Department of Rangeland Research

Department of Research

Rangeland ecology and biology research

  • Identifying rangeland vegetation types and communities
  • Investigation of autecology of important rangeland species
  • Investigating the ecological succession in Rangelands
  • Study of compatibility of native and non-native species in different ecological conditions and introduction of palatable species
  • Investigating ecological relationships between vegetation, livestock and humans in rangeland ecosystems
  • Introduction of suitable methods of rangeland ecology studies in different conditions of rangelands of the country

Rangeland management and socioeconomic issues

  • Examining rangeland exploitation systems
  • Study of livestock and rangeland relationships
  • Investigating economic and social problems of the stakeholders

Agronomic research, restoration and introduction of rangeland species

  • Identification the potent grassland species that can be cultivated in dry farms
  • Investigating suitable agronomic and agrotechnical methods of forage production in susceptible dry farms
  • Zoning the suitable areas for cultivation of forage crops in dry farms
  • Determine the most suitable model for rangelands restoration and reclamation
  • Cultivation and establishment of important rangelands species