Medicinal Plants Research

Goals and tasks

1-    Identification of medicinal plants and by products based on scientific principles; determine the distribution and their changes and displacement in the natural habitats.

2-    Extraction and identification of the active ingredients of native and endemic medicinal and aromatic plants, in order to introduce valuable plants for harvesting from natural habitats and agronomy targets.

3-Domestication and cultivation of medicinal plants, aromatic and by products to reducing the exploitation of natural habitates and developing their cultivation, especially in arid and semi-arid regions, farms and poor lands.

4-Quantitative and qualitative monitoring of the status of medicinal plants, by products and their products in the country

5-Protecting and restoring endemics, rare, and extinct medicinal plants

6-Access to a variety of processing methods

7-Collaborating on the development of national and international standards for reproductive organs, herbs, active ingredients (essential oil and extract) and other products

8-Planing for the production of seed and reproductive organs of new species have been introduced and modified cultivars for the development of cultivation

9-Planning for the development of mechanization of medicinal plants

10-Transmission of findings and knowledge of medicinal plants at the in scientific community of the country by holding courses and workshops