Medicinal Plants Research

Departments of Research

Research Group of Crop Sciences

This group works with the approach of studying adaptability and domestication of medicinal and aromatic herbs with a valuable ingredient to cultivate and produce in controlled conditions. The main objective of this group is to achieve the most suitable methods for the development of agriculture and the production of medicinal plants with a high quality and quantity.

Programs and fields

  • Study of adoptbility and phonological, ecological and physiological properties of medicinal plants in crop conditions
  • Determination of the most suitable germination treatments, propagation methods and establishment of medicinal plants under crop conditions
  • Introducing the most suitable treatments for optimum production of medicinal plants under crop conditions
  • Determination of water, food, thermal and optical requirements and physiological indices of medicinal plants under crop conditions
  • Investigating the effect of biotic and abiotic stresses on medicinal plants and determining the threshold of their economic bearing
  • Comparison of improved cultivars with domestic species in the country in terms of adaptability, yield and effective ingredients.
  • Feasibility study of cultivating medicinal plants in Dryland areas, rugged areas and sloping surfaces
  • Investigating the possibility of cultivating medicinal plant mixtures with cultivars, gardens, pasture and forest plants
  • Investigating the economic value of medicinal plants by creating dry and normal field trials under pilot levels
  • Estimation of energy efficiency in agro ecosystems and application softwares

Department of Ecology of Medicinal Plants

The collection, identification, evaluation of the ecological status and the process of changes in medicinal plants in natural habitats, as well as determining the position and economic value of medicinal plants in the natural area are among the main tasks of the group.

Programs and fields


  • Collection, identification and introduction of Iranian herbs based on scientific and local names
  • Preparation of Medicinal Plants List, Introduction of endemics, native and Extinct Iranian Plants
  • Monitoring, zoning, phonological study and ecological needs of medicinal plants in natural habitats
  • Determine the value of medicinal plants in natural areas
  • Investigating the Effects of Exploitation on the Continuation of Life and Regeneration of Plants Producing Forests and Rangeland
  • Introducing Medicinal Plants by Building a Live Collection of Medicinal and Aromatic Native plants
  • Codify Standardization of medical plants (Part of the plant standard)



Department of Plant Chemistry Research

Extraction and identification of the effective ingredient and the introduction of medicinal herbs, spices and industrial to the scientific and economic society of the country are the main duties of this group. So far, many medicinal and aromatic herbs have been investigated in terms of the quantity and quality of the active ingredients and have published their research results in prestigious domestic and foreign publications. This group's chemistry laboratory is equipped with advanced and advanced devices for the separation and identification of medicinal plant compounds.

Programs and fields


  • Extracting the effective ingredients of medicinal plants and providing scientific and applied information on their compositions
  • Determination and introduction of the most effective methods for extracting medicinal plants
  • Determine the best harvesting time or plant species to extract and maximize the quality and quantity of ingredients.
  • Optimization of plant extracts and essential oils by physical and chemical methods
  • Investigating the methods of extraction at the semi-industrial level
  • Investigation of primary processing methods for sub-products, especially export medicinal plants
  • Investigating and introducing medicinal herbs used in livestock and insects fields