Medicinal Plants Research


  • Collection and identification the 2000 species of medicinal plants in Iran
  • Extraction and identification the active ingredients of more than 770 species of medicinal and aromatic plants of Iran
  • Determination of essential oil application of Iranian aromatic plants in different industries (Pharmacy, Cosmetic and Nutrition)
  • The domestication of some valuable medicinal and aromatic plants in Iran
  • Collection and identification of algal flora of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, cultivation and domestication of some species of algae, agar extraction and other medicinal compounds of them.
  • Identifying appropriate methods for the restoration and exploitation of some forest and rangeland sub-products
  • Determination of Ecological Needs of Some Valuable Medicinal Plants
  • Introducing the appropriate species of medicinal plants for cultivation in rainfed conditions
  • Introducing damask rose genotypes with qualitative and quantitative yield for cultivation in different ecological regions of Iran.
  • Developing the cultivation of beneficial species like Aloe, endemic species of Thyme, Savory, etc. by using research findings and recommendations of the Institute's researchers.
  • Investigating and determining the appropriate method for active ingredients extraction at the laboratory and industrial levels
  • Collecting medicinal plant seeds for organizing the gene bank
  • Contributing to the standardization of essential oils of plant
  • Publishing more than 85 volumes of books, 500 articles in international valid scientific journals and 600 articles in Iranian valid scientific journals
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  • Publishing of two monthly scientific journal "Iranian Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants"
  • Leading over 350 students thesis in Sc. and PhD. Degrees, considering the needs of the country in the field of medicinal plants.