Mechanization Research Division

Goals and Duties

General strategies:

Presenting projects in the field of mechanics and mechanization of agricultural machinery including:

  • Analysis and management of systems in terms of feasibility in implementing a design and manufacturing process
  • Design and construction of new machines and systems or their development and localization

Strategic Areas of Natural Resources Research

  • Forest part

Nursery mechanization included: Field and Seedbed providing, Seeds and cuttings planting, harvesting Seedlings and Cuttings Preparation methods, keeping, harvesting and post harvesting operations, wireless sensors utilization Feasibility (WSN) for forests and pastures condition control

  • Pasture part

Precipitation storage Machinery, Cultivation on sloping lands, Seed harvesting and processing in the field of seed production, Remote Sensing Science utilization in rangeland conditions studies

  • Desert part

Equipment for sand stabilization and wind erosion control, facilitate Salinity and dehydration resistant plants Cultivation

  • Medicinal Plant Part

Designing and manufacturing machines for harvesting various medicinal plants, Sorting and Quality measurement Machines, Original or fake products Determination, remaining pesticides in medicinal plants Determination, medicinal plants drying

  • Biotechnology part

Biosensors applications and Nanobiosensors used in quality determination of products and detection of environmental pollution

  • Botany research part

Designing and manufacturing of Smart systems for greenhouse conditions control, Control of pests and diseases in the greenhouse by new technologies such as machine vision

  • Wood Science Part

Evaluation and optimization of chippers and wood chips utilization, waste wood Management