Mechanization Research Division

There are many wide and diverse natural resources such as forest, pasture and desert in Iran.  Mechanization facilities are necessary for management and reclamation of these resources. On the other hand, determination of the relationship between the machinery, climate and soil is essential for proper management of this equipment. Utilization of mechanized equipment is needed to improve accuracy, speed and efficiency in natural resource revival, therefore, several equipment's has been developed for various conditions. The wrong choice and application of these machines destroys natural resources and decreases operational efficiency. The mechanization is defined as correct selection and efficient management of agricultural machines and provides suitable patterns to increasing work efficiency and reducing costs. In this regard, the Research Department of Mechanization and Natural Resources Machines was established in 1994, and then two groups of Mechanical engineering in Natural Resource and Mechanization were established. The group has focused on appropriate cultivation patterns for achieve to the best and most reliable methods of field exploitation and conservation of natural resources, and also design, fabrication and evaluation of  natural resource machines, use and selection of suitable machines and resolve mechanized requirements of other Research Departments.