Forest Research Division

Research Projects

-  Elimination trials of native and non-native forest species in different parts of the country

- Multidisciplinary studies in research forests in different ecological zones

-  Identification studies for restoration methods of Zagros forests

-  Habitat studies and rehabilitation methods of Juniper forests

- Surveying, zoning and determining the most suitable areas and methods for rehabilitation of mangrove forests on the coasts of Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman

- Physiological studies of different forest species in Iran

- Determination of forest typology and management of northern forests in the form of even and uneven-aged high stands

-  Site demands and autecology of important forest species in Iran

- Investigation on the causes and control strategy of oak forest decline in Zagros

-  Role of silvicultural operations (thinning) on low dimension coppice stands of Zagros region

- Monitoring of seed production and evaluation of eye method in seed production by Oak species.

- Determination of fertilizer requirements of different forest species in forest nurseries of northern Iran

- Identification and propagation of symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi and the production of mycorrhizal forest seedlings

-  Surveying the area of Hyrcanian forests in the north of the country using satellite imagery

- Identification, propagation and development of atlas of Iranian old-growth trees with high longevity

- Determination of proper rain storage methods for rain fed forestation in arid and semi-arid regions of the country

- Determination of suitable forest species for reforestation and afforestation using unconventional water resources