Forest Research Division


Activities of FRD has led to the publication of dozens of titles, final reports of research projects, national and international scientific and promotional articles, handbooks and technical manuals. The following are the most important research activities in the division that led to the compilation of specialized books:

  • Study of the adaptation of native and non-native forest species in different parts of the country, which resulted in the publication of 10 books.
  • Multidisciplinary studies in research forests in different ecological zones, the results of which have been published in 3 books for the Hyrcanian and Zagros regions.
  • Studies of the identification and methods of Zagros forests restoration in the form of several research projects whose results resulted in the publication of 5 books.
  • Recognition of habitats and investigation of methods for the restoration of Juniper forests in the form of several research projects that resulted in the publication of 2 books in this field.
  • Surveying, zoning and determining the most suitable areas and methods for revival of mangrove forests on the coasts of Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman in the form of 3 national research projects whose results resulted in the publication of books in 3 volumes.
  • Physiological studies of different forest species in Iran in the form of several research projects, the results of which published in a book.

Furthermore, other important research projects have been carried out by researchers in this division whose findings and outcomes are available in the form of final reports and scientific and promotional articles. As a result of these researches, the following are the most important research achievements in the division:

  • Determination of typology of forest stands and management of northern forests in the form of even and uneven-age high forests
  • Determination of ecological demands and autecological study of important forest species in Iran
  • Determination of fertilizer requirements of different forest species in forest nurseries of northern Iran
  • Investigation of the causes of decline of Zagros oak forests and its coping strategies
  • Identification and propagation of symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi and the production of mycorrhizal forest seedlings
  • Measuring the area of Hyrcanian forests in the north of the country using satellite imagery
  • Identification and propagation of ancient Iranian trees as well as development of atlas of oldest Iranian trees
  • Determination of proper water storage methods for rainfed forestation in arid and semi-arid regions of the country
  • Determination of suitable forest species for reforestation and afforestation using unconventional water resources

The Iranian Journal of Forest and Poplar Research is also one of the important outputs of the FDR. This journal has been published since 1998. The first name of this publication was the Forest and Poplar Research, which has been renamed from No. 4 to Iranian Journal of Forest and Poplar Research. Currently, this journal is published quarterly. The purpose of this journal is to publish new research findings in one of the fields of Iranian forests and poplar as well as researches on other fast growing species which are being published for the first time. The journal gives higher priority to the topics of the day of forest sciences in Iran. The articles in this publication are printed in Persian with an English abstract and resources used in the text are printed in the list of references in English. According to the latest statistics of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) for 2015, this journal has the highest degree of quality (Q1) and its Impact Factor (IF) is 0.153. Also, this publication was selected at the Book Week Ceremony, which was held in the Agricultural Research, Education and Promotion Organization in November 2017, as the top journal of the organization.

So far, an international conference and 3 national conferences have been held by the FRD, the results of which have been published in the form of 4 Proceedings as follows:

  • Proceedings of the 7th International Beech Seminar
  • Proceeding of the National Conference of Future of Iranian Forests
  • Proceedings of the 2nd National Conference of Baneh or Green Pearl (Pistachio spp.) (2 volumes)