Botany Research Division

Goals and Duties


  • Collection and determination of plants, development and completion of central and local herbaria of Iran
  • Preparing and writing the Flora of Iran in Persian.
  • Preparing and writing the Flora of different provinces of Iran.
  • Identification of species with the viewpoints of pharmaceutical, industrial, landscape and etc.
  • Determination of endemic, rare and endangered species of Iran and providing necessary recommendations about conservation of genetic resources.
  • Development of National Botanical Garden of Iran and the affiliated botanical gardens in different provinces.
  • Conservation of plant genetic resources in Botanical Gardens and Natural resources Gene Bank.
  • Taxonomical studies, including biosystematics, micro-morphology, chemotaxonomy and molecular systematics.
  • Phytosociological studies and recognition of ecological effective factors in establishment of plant associations and natural formations of Iran.
  • Preparing the vegetation and plant association maps in Iran.
  • Paleobotanical studies and collecting plant fossil materials for foundation of a collection of fossil plants.