Botany Research Division

The most important results of Division


  • Establishment and development of Iran's Central Herbarium (TARI) and collecting more than 150,000 plant samples from different parts of Iran.
  • Establishment and development of 20 herbaria in provincial research centers and collecting about 150,000 plant samples from different provinces.
  • Discovering and describing about 600 new taxa to the science.
  • Introducing hundreds of new records to the flora of Iran.
  • Determination of plant associations in phytogeographical regions of Iran with an emphasis on protected areas and producing vegetation maps and Preparation of vegetation and sociological map for parts of Iran.
  • Development and completion of National Botanical Garden of Iran and 5 regional gardens.
  • The implementation of more than 500 research projects, of which 326 projects are completed and the rest are running.


    • Publication of 49 volumes of The Iranian Journal of Botany.
    • Publication of 149 volumes of the Flora of Iran.
    • Publication of about 1100 papers
    • Flora of Iran in color: This flora consists of separate sheets each describing one species, the photographs of a species in one side with the descriptions in Persian, French and English on the back side of a glossy paper. Each volume includes 125 species. Twenty-seven volumes of this Flora have already been published.
    • Illustrated Flora of different provinces of Iran: This flora is prepared for each province. It gives pictures from different species in their natural habitats. Three volumes of this series is in print.
    • Beside to these publications, Red Data book of Iran (one volume), Astragalus of Iran (5 volumes), Illustrated guide of the genus Astragalus in Iran (three volumes), phytosociology of different areas in Iran (1volume) and principles of phytosociology (one volume), Thymus and Satureja species (one volume), Strategic trial in Landscape design and greenery for Iran (one volume) have been published too.